Strongline covers

Strongline covers: ultra strong and durable.

Standard on Strongline cases there is an A-5 window on the covers made for all the necessary information and the production should be put ready, as well as folding lines in the sleeve so that it easy to store in his job.


Layer 1, Cordura fabric.  super strong and virtually indestructible.

Water resistant and extremely durable


This intermediate layer consists of 8 mm foam. This allows for the proper protection of the boxes.


a wear-resistant fabric on the inside . Soft woven so that no scuffs are on the corners of your speakers to show.

LD-24 filling. The material is best known for camping mats. Flexible but yet stiff enough to absorb point load of, for example, a window frame or a corner of a crate. The LD-24 ensures that the collision is absorbed and spread the force over a larger area so that the lacquer of the box is protected.


Poleyster liner. Very durable. Even with frequent use this substance will not wear out!


Below are the properties of this product

Cordura 0.5 mm thick water-repellant, weaving-thickness 1000×1000
Inetrmediate layer 8 mm foam 500 grams per m³
Hard wearing fabric Black cotton, soft woven with closed structure. weaving thicknness 800×800
LD-24 9580 gram per M³ Tensile strengt bij 23°C N/mm2 ISO 527 23
Polyester fabric 0.4 mm dik weaving thichness 600×600
A-5 plug-in window Cristalplus  thickness material 1000 size 210×160 mm.